About us

Plastic Machine Alvan Co. (PMA) was founded in 1996, in a 2-hectare ground in the Eshtehard industrial zone, with the aim of providing the needs of packaging industry, cutting the imports and lowering the dollars exiting from Iran.

At first, printing machines, laminating extrusion and cutting machines were provided from South Korea and installed. Then, using the German technology, CPP device was installed. Since 1998, PMA has provided various CPP films, and food and pharmaceutical products.

Since 1998, almost every 2 years, a new product line has been added to the company and at the moment 4 printing machines, 4 Laminating machines, 2 CPP-film product lines, 2 laminate extrusion product line, 15 cutting machines and a solvent less laminating machine are working in the PMA group.

We proudly announce that this company, relying on 20 years of experience, up to date technological knowledge and expert workforce, has produced and presented at a new product each year.

This company has succeeded in producing various wrappers for food, pharmaceutical and industrial industries. For example, medical films, aalo aalo, blister, various valves and two-screw CPP, and also different easy to open wrappers and tube, are exclusively produced in this company in Iran.



Added Value



Our Customers


Packaging industry, similar to other sciences and technologies, have experienced massive development and evolution and everyday we witness growth, science progression and new technologies in this field.

In our 20 years of experience, we have aimed for evolution, innovation and increased influence on Iran market, and consequently, international markets.

The core value of Plastic Machine Alvan company (PMA co.) is developing the quality and quantity of machinery in film and printing industry and we have been successful, in these years. Also, our share in domestic market have increased 20% in order to provide the costumers’ needs and therefore, satisfy our customers.

Another principal goal is to increase our share in regional exports. Till now, we’ve succeeded and we hope for more progress in this field.

Customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of the company, due to its technical, academic and experimental ability and modern management systems. Also, due to the development of science and new technologies, and tendency for online services, PMA co. is ready to provide online services to its customers.