FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How many layers are CPP films made of?

CPP films of PMA co. consist of three distinct layers, which can be combined with 4 types of granule with different additives.

What is the thickness and width range, for products of PMA co.?

CPP films can be produced with a maximum width of 2550 millimeter and their thickness is in the range of 20 to 70 micron. For other food and medical products, there is no thickness limits and the maximum width for press products are 1200 millimeters.

What’s the typical weight of CPP rolls?

It depends on the customer’s instructions but its diameter is usually in the range of 700 to 800 millimeters and its weight is different relative to the width.

For how much time, medical products are usually usable after production?

If keeping conditions are convenient, temperature is in the 5 to 35  range and products are kept away from direct sunlight, the minimum usable time is 1 year.

Which analysis is the best wrapper for dates?

The appropriate packaging is examined based on the customer’s requirement, equipment and the market needs. In PMA, tough thermoforming and pillow packing is used.

What’s the approximate time needed for cylinder preparation?

It’s usually 14 days after the final design is confirmed but if the wreckage of the intended cylinder is available, production time can be reduced to a week.

Do PMA products have health certificates?

Yes. All of the company products have health certificates from the respective institutions, such as Bureau of standard and Department of medical devices.

How many sachets are calculated in per kilo?

As each product has its own specific grammage, the number in per kilo is different for each product, but it can be figured and informed through company selling experts.

What calculations are done using company’s laboratory equipment?

The following physical, chemical and microbiological tests are conducted in the PMA co. laboratories:

  • OTR, WVTR, tension test, friction factor test, sealable strength test, sealable, impact test, thickness control and various microbial cultures such as OSA, YGC and PCA.

What’s the delivery time for CPP products and other food products?

The CPP of PMA co. is produced in two types: semi-finished-product. Maximum delivery time for half-built is 48 hours and for custom-built products it is one week. However, food products’ delivery time varies between 7 days to 1 month